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    T.COUTURE is a DJ & multi-creative based in Tampa, FL. Starting up her music career in 2019 with the knowledge of being a self-taught DJ and in 2020 founding the independent monthly radio/mix series Couture’d Radio: a platform introducing her favorite and soon to be yours, it has definitely been a joyous journey over these years. Exclusively releasing new episodes every first Friday via SoundCloud while highlighting artists/producers/sounds from all over such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Instrumentals, House, Future Beats, Afrobeats & more mixed together to complete as one. Being able to DJ familiar sounds for a crowd live while getting the opportunity to introduce them to potentially a new artist and/or sound while offering a musical experience is the overall mission for her. Music connects all together in many different ways and she's grateful to be one of many selectors to showcase that. T.COUTURE has had the opportunity to take her talents on the road and travel to perform in the cities Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and Toronto with collaborating with other independent radio stations in Los Angeles, Brooklyn (The Lot Radio), Chicago, Pittsburg, London, South Africa, The Netherlands and Germany just to name a few.
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