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Mateys of all ages jump and shout for beads as over 100 parade floats make their way down Tampa Bay’s Bayshore Boulevard. Since 1947, families, friends and neighbors bring their own krewes out to take in Gasparilla’s Children’s Parade.

The parade is all about elaborate floats, impeccably dressed krewes, booming marching bands, whirling dancers, and the familiar faces of schools and community organizations.

This year’s parade begins at Bay to Bay Boulevard and Bayshore, ending along Edison Ave., nearly a mile-and-a-half away. It ends, of course, with a bang.What pirate parade would be complete without some monstrous “pirate-technic” explosions? Take a gander as they recreate the battle between Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla and Tampa. The pirates win every year, arghhh!

Gasparilla’s Children’s Parade
Gasparilla’s Children’s Parade
Gasparilla’s Children’s Parade
Gasparilla Children's Parade

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