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    SaltBlock Catering, the flagship brand of SaltBlock Hospitality, curates and caters impressive food and beverage experiences that you and your guests will rave about for years to come. Founded on the principles of being a scratch-made, ingredient focused kitchen, creating thoughtfully crafted hospitality experiences, the execution of our events has an elevated touch and unique on-site cooking & production style. We offer a wide variety of service styles to accommodate our clients and are suitable for any event. SaltBlock was built to help you realize the event of your dreams and has quickly developed into a multi-faceted company with a strong focus on one simple goal; cultivate change and promote innovation within the hospitality industry. SaltBlock Catering is your secret weapon for delivering the ultimate hospitality experience to those special enough to make your guest list. Because catering food ought to be better than just “okay.”

    Contact us at: sales@saltblockcatering.com
    Submit an inquiry for your event: https://saltblockhospitality.com/plan
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