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    Predalina brings a full-service restaurant and fully shoppable dining experience to Water Street. Guests can enjoy weekend brunch, lunch, dinner, and drinks in the restaurant’s dining room, on the two patios, and at the expansive bar.

    The vibrant atmosphere of Predalina highlights the best of the Mediterranean region’s seafood offerings. At Predalina, the promise of a delicious meal and an unforgettable drink always beckons, any day of the week, and for any occasion.

    Beyond enjoying an exceptional meal, guests at Predalina can also explore our in-house retail, with products such as hand-crafted wares, unique home décor, and special gifts. Most table-side wares, seasonings, and oils will be available for purchase. At Predalina, you’ll not only savor the moment, but you can take the memories with you.
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