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    Air Esscentials is built around the idea that life is better when your surroundings smell amazing. Most companies put a lot of effort into the design and lighting of their professional environment. The addition of ambient scent is not only the final piece of that puzzle, but it is the most important and memorable way to connect customers with your brand. As a family business, with 17 years of experience, we have a vision of showing different industries the scent branding experience. Air Esscentials provides environmental scent delivery systems for retail, hospitality, convention, entertainment, healthcare, and residential clients, as well as knowledge in advanced scent diffusion systems. We have experts in the areas of sight, sound, smell, and advertising, with a focus on ushering the companies of today into the multi-sensory branding strategies of tomorrow. Choose from hundreds of scents in our fragrance library or design your own signature scent to create the mood and perception you want for yourself, customers, guests, and employees. Our commercial clients know first-hand that the right scent can increase sales, make customers feel comfortable, boost repeat business, reduce employee stress, elevate morale, and improve customer satisfaction. And our residential customers just love the way their homes smell and how it makes them feel.

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