Tampa Bay's historical and cultural roots lie in Ybor City. Many of the buildings echo the charming brick exteriors of converted cigar factories, in homage to the area's celebrated history as the Cigar Capital of the World.


Since 1910, J.C. Newman Cigar Co. has produced traditional hand-rolled cigars at El Reloj in Ybor City. Meet master cigar roller Luis Gonzalez, who has over 25 years of experience with hand rolling. Luis keeps the traditions alive through J.C. Newman’s new hand-rolling classes. Join Luis in honoring Tampeño culture by learning to hand roll a cigar!



Local Flavors

La Segunda

La Segunda Central Bakery

Tantalize your tastebuds with new flavors as you explore by yourself or with Ybor City Food Tours. The oldest restaurant in Florida, Columbia Restaurant is a must, both for its cultural significance and for its incredible food. Get a test of Sicily at Casa Santo Stefano, or a coffee in a Cuban-inspired bistro at Café Quiquiriqui. For nearly 100 years, La Segunda Central Bakery has used the same hand-baked process and traditional recipes to ensure a taste and texture that can’t be duplicated. 




TECO Line Streetcar crossing 7th Ave by Jose Marti Park

Hop on the TECO Line Streetcar and enjoy a free ride into historic Ybor City just over a mile from Downtown. Take your time browsing the local cigar shops like Tabanero Cigars, Sweetheart Cigars and J.C. Newman Cigar Co.—including the new on-site museum—to find the perfect accompaniment to your evening stroll through these treasured streets.


    Can't Miss

    Tampa Baseball Museum

    Tampa Baseball Museum

    Get a does of local sports history at the Tampa Baseball Museum, built in the childhood home of Tampa’s first MLB player, Al López. A second museum next door, the Ybor City Museum features an urban park in the heart of Tampa's National Historic Landmark District. The park consists of a main exhibit space housed in a 1923-era bakery building, a lush Mediterranean-style garden and a recreated cigar worker's home, or casita. Down the block you can catch local musicians on stage at The Ritz Ybor. Photography buffs will want to check out the expansive Florida Museum of Photographic Arts




    Cuban Sandwich

    Cigar making is only part of this multifaceted district’s present and future, with independent cigar rollers keeping the tradition alive. The brick streets and iron balconies of 7th Avenue welcome revelers day and night. 



    We take our responsibility as the birthplace of the Cuban sandwich very seriously. More than 100 years later, the people of Tampa still defend the specific formula that makes our Cuban sandwich unique.


    Why Tampa Is Called "Cigar City”

    132 years ago the very first cigar was rolled in Tampa's Ybor City -- setting us on the path toward the rich and vibrant city we know and love in 2018. Take a journey into our rich tradition and the reason why we're known as Cigar City.


    128 Year Anniversary with J.C. Newman

    Shades of Havana

    Shades of Havana™'s first episode celebrating the 128th Year Anniversary of J.C. Newman, featuring host David Zimmel, Eric, Bobby and Drew Newman. This six-episode series was filmed at the J.C. Cigar Company Warehouse in Tampa, Florida.


    Meet My Abuela

    Meet My Abuela features real-life romantic scenarios in which optimistic couples must follow Hispanic tradition to receive approval from their grandmother to make their relationship official. Set against the beautiful Tampa Bay backdrop, cast members experience Tampa Bay’s thriving culinary scene, sparkling waterfronts, and vibrant culture.



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