Tampa Bay Protocol & Trade

Tampa is Where It’s Happening in the global marketplace. One of its unique initiatives was to establish though the City of Tampa Mayor’s office and Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners the Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Office. The Office is the second largest Consular Corps in the State of Florida and works with diplomats all over the world. The importance of working with Consuls and embassies with Ambassadors and other diplomatic trade commissioners is to grow the investment and trade. Being present with top public officials such as the Mayor and the Chair of the Commission brings many high-level delegations both in business and government to the area. 

The Office also facilitates outbound missions in the past four (4) years to approximately 15 countries. Not only is business to business conducted; but Sister Cities and Memoranda of Understanding Agreements are established.  The Office is also the liaison to Tampa Bay Sister Cities, Tampa Bay World Trade Center and the Bi-National Chambers in the area has visited. It is represented with the United States Global Leadership as an advisory member for the State and works closely with Enterprise Florida, Southeast United States Japan-Korea Society, the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Department of State.  All Florida and local Economic Development organizations as well as Universities, Tourism organizations, the Tampa Bay Film Commission and the U.S. Economic Development Agency are integral parts of contributing to success.

“In a nutshell, Tampa and Hillsborough County had the fortitude and vision to go forward with the Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Office."



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