Boosting the Tampa Bay Economy

Meetings and conventions mean millions to our economy and you can play a significant role. You’ll be doing your part to contribute to the $5.6 billion that tourism creates for our local economy each year. The tourism industry provides more than 48,000 jobs, with associated incomes of over $2.1 billion.  In 2015, visitor spending directly generated 1 in 19 jobs in Hillsborough County.




The Impacts of Destination Marketing

Builds Economic Development

When meetings and conventions commit to visit Tampa Bay, they draw the decision makers that have the potential to bring development to the region. These movers and shakers create direct opportunities for economic development agencies to make connections with the attendees of the conventions. 


Strengthens Transportation Networks

By improving the visitor economy, destinations marketing efforts help develop transportation infrastructure along with providing better logistics and accessibility that directly effect the process of attracting investment opportunities. 


Raises Awareness about Destination

By promoting the Tampa Bay area, the destination gains awareness and familiarity with networks that attract investment. 


Raising the Quality of Life

Money spent by visitors helps boost local amenities that some areas normally could not sustain. The local culture, entertainment, food scene, and retail that the visitors support help make Tampa Bay a more attractive location for investors.