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    Visitors to Eddie & Sam's N.Y. Pizza in downtown Tampa have been raving about the delectable slices they've been savoring since 1998 - 25 years at the corner of Twiggs & N. Tampa street, one block east of the spectacular Hillsborough River.

    The hallmark of classic New York-style pizza is its generous, foldable slices adorned with a thin, flavorful crust. This renowned crust owes its distinct character to the unique minerals found in New York water, which our expert pizzaiolos meticulously employ in crafting the dough. At Eddie & Sam's N.Y. Pizza, we go the extra mile by importing this iconic New York water to ensure an authentic New York pizza experience for our Florida patrons.

    We extend a warm invitation for you to pay us a visit or conveniently place your order online for pick up or hotel delivery at eddieandsam.com.
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