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    Jennifer Howard-Black aka Akua (ey-kwee-yah) is a native of St. Petersburg, Florida. She is the founder of Akua Imports. Akua origin and meaning in the Akan culture is a day name which means females who are born on a Wednesday. The Genesis of Akua Imports started on the 28th of December 2021 during Akua’s journey to the west coast of Africa – Ghana. Akua was inspired by the rich and diverse culture of West Africa. Since launching the business in 2021, Akua has traveled back to Ghana over six times. Each product has been carefully crafted and created by Ghanaian artisans. The mission of Akua Imports is to provide quality and trendy handicrafts made in Ghana and other parts of the Sahara. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will benefit the children and families in Ghana who reside in the villages of Adeiso, Pokuase, Berekuso and cities of Teshie and Accra.

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