AFR Furniture Rental

AFR is still operating our residential and office furniture divisions as an essential company during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are providing furniture to families displaced by the pandemic and other natural disasters like fires and floods. Our normal cleaning procedures have been enhanced and we are remaining vigilant in bed heat treatment processes.

In addition to our residential services, our office furniture division will also continue to operate to supply other essential businesses with any of their needs. We will be here to support federal and local government needs through our GSA (General Services Administration) contract.

We have essential staff in place to handle the current needs of our clients.

To contact AFR, please call 856.406.1200 or email residentialsupport@rentfurniture.com.

Our trade show and event divisions are currently not working until the government allows for larger gatherings. We will be ready to rebound as the world returns to normal. I wish our clients good health during this crisis.


Florida Seating

As I mentioned on the phone, we started production of non-sterile disposable masks and gowns. The material is the same as used for isolation gowns and masks.

Please see attachment with pictures, pricing, specs, lead time.


Pepin Distributing

We have all the credentials, documents, licenses etc for all of our vehicles to be on the road as an essential supplier to the essential supply chain.  We have those same documents for all employees personal cars who travel to and from work during the curfew hours (night shift loading trucks).

You could share https://www.budlight.com/openfortakeout  on socials.  We are working hard to help the hospitality workers with this program. 

ADM Two Exhibits

Hope all going well with you and everyone at Visit Tampa Bay is healthy. I really appreciate you reaching out last week. I think the efforts you are doing to support your members and the community are much needed. 

I have compiled a couple things of samples what we can do to help during this crisis. 

- Attached Flyer on hand sanitizing stations we offer

- Attached Flyer on emergency tent structures we offer, signage, and temporary mobile units that can be designed to use in a variety of ways. These can be purchase or rental

We are also doing a promo on our products to urge business that were planning to purchase to do so now so we can keep business moving forward. 

-Attached Flyer - Detailing the promo offered

I also mentioned there are initiatives to support the industry. Here is a link to the details and support materials for the This Show Will Open for Business which could be a great thing to use when shows start returning to the calendars.