Showcasing 52 Standout Restaurants, 54 Scrumptious Recipes, Supplemented By 'Tampa’s Table: A Culinary Journey' Podcast

Tampa, FL (January 22, 2024) – Get ready to savor the best of Tampa Bay's culinary scene as Visit Tampa Bay proudly unveils Volume 2 of Tampa’s Table: A Culinary Evolution on January 22nd, 2024. Building on the success of Volume 1, and with the influence of the MICHELIN Guide's arrival, Volume 2 takes you on a delicious journey through the evolving flavors of the destination.

Featuring an extraordinary lineup, the book showcases 52 local restaurants, each contributing their unique flair to Tampa Bay’s culinary landscape. With a total of 54 unique recipes, this edition is a treasure trove of culinary pleasures that offers a diverse range of dishes that capture the essence of the destination’s gastronomic evolution.

“Tampa’s Table Volume 2 is a culinary voyage that goes beyond a traditional cookbook. It creatively displays the diverse flavors of Tampa Bay, inviting you to explore our rich history and vibrant culture through each recipe,” said Santiago C. Corrada, President & CEO of Visit Tampa Bay. “This edition is a celebration of innovation, tradition, and the extraordinary chefs who continuously shape our unique culinary landscape. It also provides a platform for our local chefs to shine on a global stage, inviting the world to relish the exceptional culinary journey that is Tampa’s Table."


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But it is not just about the recipes – Volume 2 invites readers to explore Tampa Bay's food culture through engaging storytelling. In collaboration with renowned food experts and writers, it intertwines tales of dishes and chefs, highlighting the cultural significance of food in fostering connections and shared experiences. This unified effort provides a rich perspective on Tampa Bay's culinary scene while paying homage to its history.

As a complement to the cookbook, Visit Tampa Bay has also launched its first-ever food-focused podcast, "Tampa’s Table: A Culinary Journey.” The first season of this 10-episode podcast, hosted by Jeff Houk, Vice President of 1905 Family of Restaurants, delves into the stories and inspirations behind Tampa Bay’s culinary scene, offering an immersive and entertaining exploration of Tampa's dynamic food culture. Notable guests featured in the podcast include Ferrell Alvarez from Proper House Group, Bryce Bonsack from the Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant Rocca, and Roberto Torres from Blind Tiger Coffee Roasters.

Tampa’s Table Volume 2 can be purchased in Visit Tampa Bay’s Unlock Tampa Bay Visitors Center and online. To learn more, watch the podcast, or purchase the cookbook, click the link below.


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