Spooky Empire - The Dark Side of Comic Com

  • Presented By: Tampa Convention Center
  • Dates: October 31, 2019 - November 3, 2019
  • 333 S Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602
Spooky Empire - The Dark Side of Comic Com

Spooky Empire will be held in TAMPA this year, October 31-November 3, 2019. ue to an increase in size and scope of logistics, we were unable to locate venue space in Orlando large enough, that also had available dates this year, to host our growing ‘Dark Side of Comic Con.’ For the last 16 years, Florida has always been home to the convention, so Tampa allows us to stay true to our roots while also remaining close to home for 2019. We hope that you will join us for what will be an amazing Halloween celebration, a first-time 4-day event kicking off on HALLOWEEN! For those of you in the Tampa area that have never been to Spooky, we look forward to welcoming you to the event! The city of Tampa, The Tampa Convention Center and the surrounding hotels and businesses are excited to host our crazy weekend and they have welcomed us with open arms! We are very excited for this opportunity! As of this morning you can find all information for The Convention Center, host hotel and overflows, Tickets, Exhibitorsand Tattoo Booths and more! We’ll be adding more and more info over the coming weeks including Guest announcements and all of the amazing events we have planned! We look forward to seeing you all there, and we appreciate all of your support! Let the madness begin..

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