Pop-Up Dinner Fundraiser

Pop-Up Dinner Fundraiser

Project Grow's Pop-Up Fundraiser Dinner is an event where people from all backgrounds can enjoy the company of their community with food and music. It is essentially a gourmet picnic. Various groups of people will join to purchase tickets for a seat at the table and will bring food to share with their friends, friends and community. We will encourage groups of people to bring starter dishes, entrees as well as desserts to ensure that everyone is well fed in their party. Since this in a picnic, groups of people are encouraged to bring a variety of items to decorate their table such as flowers, vases, and a table cloth as well as their own dishes. Project Grow will be willing to supply our guest with the tables, chairs, lighting, dance floor and other items needed to create the ambiance of the space. Since this is a pop-up dinner we do not intend to give the location until the morning of, by doing this we want to honor the spontaneity of the pop-up aspect of the event. Since we will allow our guest to bring wine on this gourmet picnic this event is restricted to individuals 21 and up and ID's will be checked upon guest check-in.

If this dinner happens to be a success we would love for the opportunity to make this a recurring event for members of our community and to continue to allow the proceeds to go to funding the services that project grow wants to implement.

1. Guest check In/ID's checked and tables are being decorated
2. Short speech is giving discussing Project Grow's mission and vision and thank you are given to each guest
3. A toast is given, and people can start eating and enjoying conversation with their family, friends, and
4. DJ is playing music Dance floor is open and everyone is encouraging to dance, have fun and enjoy the rest of the night
5. As the event ends, guest are reminded to start cleaning up and gathering their items. Project Grow's
volunteers will stay to help clean up any additional items that need that are left.

Event Set-Up:

Project Grow and its volunteers will arrive at the location early to start creating the ambiance of the event space. We plan to create a borderline of the event space that is separate from the rest of the park to only those who paid for the event a chance to enjoy it. If possible, we are looking to reach out to various local artist for their involvement in this event, as well as looking for some sponsors who want to be involved.

What is Project Grow?

Project Grow is currently a fiscally sponsored nonprofit that wants to Give Real Opportunities to Women and Children in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. We are new and are currently in the funding phase of our timeline. We are awaiting out 501c3 status approval from the IRS, and are fortunate enough to use the tax-exemption status of another nonprofit. If allowed, this event will create awareness of the organization goals, and mission. Through our Women's Mentor-ship we want to empower women of all ages to seek their own potential and to know that through there adverse circumstances that we will provide the knowledge and steps to create success. Our Children Education Resource program will provide young children living below the 150% Federal Poverty Line a chance to go to college or a vocational school. We plan to implement workshop and seminars that can facilitate a generational effect of change. From our Food and Clothing Assistance we plan to aid as well as create workshops that provide the knowledge of food and how to dress, and what to invest in. Project grow is more than just providing resources but providing knowledge, because we believe that knowledge is power.

More Information

Date(s): May 12, 2018
Hours: 6:00 PM


600 N. Ashley Dr.
Tampa, FL 33602