Opening Day of "Before Dali – Goya: Visions & Inventions"

  • Dates: June 15, 2019 - September 15, 2019
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Opening Day of "Before Dali – Goya: Visions & Inventions"

Francisco Jose de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) is one of the most important Spanish artists of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, celebrated for his revolutionary paintings, drawings and engravings. Goya’s life and works deeply influenced Salvador Dali in his early years, and are considered by many scholars to be the basis for “modern” art, bridging Classicism and Romanticism. Before Dali: Goya – Visions & Inventions features two alternating suites of first-edition prints, published in Goya’s lifetime, alongside three significant paintings representing unique themes of Goya’s works. The works are on loan from the Meadows Museum, Dallas, TX, home of one of the most substantial collections of Goya outside of Spain.

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