NPInfusion Conference

NPInfusion Conference

Le Meridien Tampa - Nonprofit organizations make a difference in the world. We serve those in need, provide medical care to people without affordable access, and bring art and beauty to our communities.

But how do we do it; how do we fund our work? What methods bring in the most "bang for the buck"?

At the NPInfusion conference on May 4, 2018 you will discover new techniques, learn how to refresh proven methods, and network with talented industry peers!

$55 before April 1st, $65 April 1st or after.
Register today at www.npinfusion.com

Sponsorships available: https://www.npinfusion.com/uploads/1/2/4/9/12494043/sponsorship_and_ad_info_fillable.pdf

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Date(s): May 4, 2018
Hours: 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM


PO BOX 20134
BRADENTON, FL 34204-0134