Family Fun Farmers Market and Fruit Tree Sale Extravaganza Strawberry Capital

  • Dates: March 4, 2021 - March 6, 2021
  • Time: 1:30 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Family Fun Farmers Market - Fruit Trees, Animals, U-Pick & More

  • 2514 Leaning Pine Ave, Plant City, FL 33565
Family Fun Farmers Market and Fruit Tree Sale Extravaganza Strawberry Capital

Mighty Monster Mango Trees! w/FREE ENTRY Largest Fruit Tree Nursery in Central FL Enjoy Fresh Produce, Raw Local Honey, U-Pick, and more at the Local Farmers Market - Family Fun and so much more. It’s Time to Plant! Fruiting Tree Sale: this Thursday, Friday & Saturday Many Varieties Cash Credit Card EBT/SNAP accepted. We deliver and install. Citrus, Mango, Avocado, Tropical plus much more! We also specialize in the Most Amazing & Abundant Producing Dwarf Selections! Now everyone can GROW; space is no longer an obstacle. Let us help you today! Our Tree Planting Specialists can Deliver, Position, & Plant your new trees. You’re on the Grow, and we are willing and able to help. 🌳 Our address is 2514 leaning Pine Lane 33565, Plant City Florida. Hours: [Sun - Wed closed] Free walk-ins Thur-Fri 1:30 to Dusk___Saturday 8 to Dusk ***FREE Aquaponics class at 10:30am on Saturday by Dr. Eric Gonyon! Learn how the system can benefit you and your family. •Amazing New Selection of Fruiting Trees (see bottom for more info,) exotic fruits, and more. 813-359-9120 **Specials This Week** -Mature & Grafted Fruit Tree Sale! More info at the bottom of this post. -Special sale on Home Aquaponic Systems, plus a FREE Growing class this Saturday at 10:30AM that you DON'T want to miss. Get Essentials at A Land of Delight: • Fresh Produce • Local Raw Honey • Organic Spices & Herbs • NOW Vitamins • Elderberry & Echinacea to help support your health • U-pick options - Moringa, Longevity Spinach, Cranberry Hibiscus, Beautiful Flowers, Guava and more! • Essential Oils • And more! A LAND OF DELIGHT TREE NURSERY We have a massive inventory of Fruit & Tropical Trees. Come get the best selection while supplies last. *LARGEST MANGO SUPPLIER IN CENTRAL FL* *CITRUS* Kumquat Lemon Bearss Lemon Meyers Lemon Eureka Lemon Varigated Pink Lime Key Lime Persian Orange Sugar Bell Orange Hamlin Orange Mandarian Satsuma Orange Temple, dwarf tree Grapefruit Pumelo Grapefruit Ruby Red Tangerine, Honey Murcott Tangerine, Sunburst Medley Trees *Avocados* Black Hass Large Florida *Star Fruit* CARAMBOLA - Arkin Averrhoa carambola Kari *Guava* Guava Ruby Supreme (Red) Guava Pineapple *Loquat* Oliver Gold Nugget *Banana* Plantains *Berry* Blueberry Grapes *Tropical Fruit Trees* Barbados Cherry Florida Strawberry Tree / Jamaican cherry Coconut *Mulberry* Everbearing Pakistan Miracle Fruit Papaya Pomegranate Passionfruit Sapodilla Mamey Sapote Moringa Oleifera Cranberry Hibiscus Black Sapote Carissa Plum Jackfruit Blueberries Atemoya Jujube berry Coco Plum Longevity Spinach Longan Florida Peach Figs Pears Plums Pineapples Curry Figs Jack Fruit Mex Chaya Spinach Dragon Fruit - Yellow/Red/White Aloe Tarragon Kiwi Grapes White Sapote Herbs (chili, basil, cilantro, culantro, lemongrass, parsley) Plus much more..... -- We look forward to seeing you at our local market this week. A Land of Delight Natural Farm 2514 Leaning Pine Lane Plant City, Fl 33565 Hours: [Sun - Wed closed] Free walk-ins Thur-Fri 1:30 to Dusk___Saturday 8 to Dusk P: 813-359-9120 Please reach out to us via phone, text, or Facebook Messenger if you have any questions.

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