Countdown Improve Festival

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  • Countdown Improv Festival

  • HCC Ybor Performing Arts Bldg, Tampa, FL 33605
Countdown Improve Festival

Why should I apply to the Countdown Improv Festival?

Because it’s the best damn improv festival in the country. We think so, at least! The Countdown Improv Festival is a truly performer-focused festival, and we are intent on ensuring that our performers have a good show and a great time. Our goal is to provide the very best performer experience on the improv festival circuit. We try very hard to meet that goal.

Founders Justin Peters and Kelly Buttermore are longtime NYC-based touring improvisers who’ve performed hundreds and hundreds of shows all around the world and have headlined dozens of festivals. In creating the Countdown Improv Festival, they vowed to make it the sort of festival that they themselves would want to attend. We are committed to ensuring that our festival represents and reflects the community it serves.