Circuits and Champagne

Circuits and Champagne

45 minute circuit Based workout at the fountain in Hyde Park Village in Tampa Florida. Event in partnership with Buddy Brew.

Never heard of a Pop-Up workout? Thats because its new! We may have not invited the idea of pop-ups, but we sure figured out how to do it best! We have taken the workout on the road, literally, and found locations all over Tampa, St. Pete, & Sarasota to bring our awesome workouts! We know working out sometimes takes a little extra motivation, and if you have to travel more than a few miles it isn't happening, thats why we bring the awesome VKNG Fitness style workouts to you.

We not only pop-up all over the place but we were very strategic in the planning and picking of locations that match our style.... and have booze! Thats RIGHT! We have made it that much easier to convince yourself to come sweat with us, by rewarding everyone with a glass of bubbles after their workout! While this may seem counter productive, ITS NOT! There is science behind the idea of drinking post workout, and how it allows your body to process it differently. LOOK IT UP if you don't believe us! Even still you will burn off those calories during our sweat session anyways. 

Did we mention community? We focus hardcore on the community around us and not only being a part of it, but adding to it. We love the bay area and want those in our community to love it to. So by developing special programs that enhance our physical and social lives, we feel like we are giving something back to the community as a whole. Sure, sounds kind of hippy-dippy, but we love what we do and believe we can make a difference. 

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Hours: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


744 South Village Circle
Tampa, FL 33606