CHON with Polyphia, TTNG, Tricot

CHON with Polyphia, TTNG, Tricot

CHON with Polyphia, TTNG, Tricot at The RITZ Ybor

Chon is an American math rock band from Oceanside, California. Their music is largely instrumental with only a few songs containing vocal performances.

Polyphia is an American instrumental progressive metal band based in Dallas, Texas, formed in 2010.

TTNG / This Town Needs Guns are a British rock band from Oxford. They were formed in 2004, and are currently signed to the American label Sargent House Records.

Tricot is a math rock band from Kyoto, Japan. Known for their intricate rhythms and visual identity, they have released four EPs and three full-length albums.

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Date(s): June 2, 2018
Hours: 5:30 PM


1503 E 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605