Annual Brazil Festival

  • Dates: May 18, 2024
  • 1701 N Highland Ave, Tampa, FL 33602
Annual Brazil Festival

After countless requests, twelve years of overwhelming success, and trendsetting cultural diversity, Florida’s Most Iconic and Traditional community festival is coming closer to “your hearts.” On May 18th, 2024, and for the first time in 12 years, Tampa will host the 13th Edition of the Annual Brazilian Festival. Tampa, nestled on Florida’s Gulf Coast, was named by “Time Magazine” as one of the “World’s Greatest Places”, and  “The Best Place to Live” according to “Forbes”. Tampa is the City of stunning beaches, a vibrant arts scene, and a host of attractions like Busch Gardens, the Florida Aquarium, and the historic Ybor City. Its warm climate and diverse range of activities, from water sports to cultural events, make it a magnet for tourists year-round. Moreover, Tampa has emerged as an enticing place to invest, buoyed by its flourishing industries in healthcare, finance, and technology. With a business-friendly environment and strategic positioning as a major port city, Tampa offers opportunities for growth and development. Culturally, Tampa boasts a rich tapestry of diversity, seen in its array of festivals, and the fusion of various cuisines reflecting the city’s multicultural fabric, making it a dynamic melting pot where different traditions coalesce and thrive.