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The Super Bowl LV Business Connect team has worked for eight months to curate a list of the best 200 special event production vendors in the Tampa Bay area. We have hosted vendor Pitch Days, a webinar series, personally interviewed and met with hundreds of local diverse business owners at workshops and information sessions, all to identify the most experienced suppliers with the capacity to exceed your sub-contracting needs.

We know this Super Bowl will be special and are anxious to be a part of the team that helps to bring opportunity to Tampa Bay’s local diverse business community after the global business disruptions caused by COVID-19. Our Tampa Bay vendors are talented, highly skilled business professionals. They have committed to fully engage in the Business Connect program to better position themselves to do business with you, our Super Bowl contractors and event producers.

Our goal this year is to continue to grow opportunities for our vendors, and to challenge you to examine your scope of work with an eye towards bigger, more impactful and more inclusive contracts. We are proud to share this year’s Super Bowl Business Connect Resource Guide with you. As always Business Connect is here to support your contracting needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can source a personalized recommendation for your team.


BJ Waymer

Program Lead, Business Connect
National Football League



LaKendria Robinson

Director, Business Connect
Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee