Visit Tampa Bay’s annual Marketing Summit brought together our fellow partners and marketers in a sold-out event. The summit featured exceptional motivational speakers, community leaders and marketing updates from the team. 


Santiago C. Corrada

Santiago C. Corrada, President and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay, kicks off the Marketing Summit program with a warm welcome and a quick dive into the economic success that tourism brings to Hillsborough County. 


Dave Andreychuk

Former Tampa Bay Lightning captain, Dave Andreychuk, speaks about the importance of group success. Andreychuk highlights the parallels between sports and the workplace, emphasizing that a team succeeds by learning each other’s strengths to collaboratively reach a goal.  


Patrick Harrison

Patrick Harrison, Chief Marketing Officer of Visit Tampa Bay, gives the audience an inside look into the team’s largest-ever summer advertising campaign from the expansion of “Florida’s Most” to the edgy new storylines of “Unlock Your Inner Pirate”. Harrison also explains the importance of inclusivity from multicultural campaigns to accessibility efforts. 


Jamie Santillo

Visit Tampa Bay’s accessible travel ambassador, Jamie Santillo, touches on the importance of being a mobility-friendly destination. After recapping her partnership and success stories with Visit Tampa Bay, Santillo gives tips on easy, and sometimes cost-free, ways to enhance accessibility in any business. 


Janette Carter

Janette Carter, Director of Marketing of Visit Tampa Bay, highlights the direct impact tourism has in our communities and shows how the destination marketing organization uses state-of-the-art research tools to gather ROI through key quantitative data. 


Stephanie Rodriguez

Stephanie Rodriguez, publicist for Visit Tampa Bay, speaks about upcoming projects and ways to get involved with Visit Tampa Bay. Rodriguez showcases the different avenues in which the organization promotes its partners and stresses the significance of stimulating economic impact to local businesses through tourism. 


Jeff Philbin

Masterchef finalist, Jeff Philbin, touches on the importance of being stewards of our own communities. Philbin shares how this can be achieved by believing in others, being passionate, and getting involved in the community. He attributes these principles to his success and pays it forward by sharing with others.