Culture, Jobs & Money: Tampa Bay Backs Tourism

October 21, 2019 by PR@VisitTampaBay.com

Culture, Jobs & Money: Tampa Bay Backs Tourism
In a recent survey, 91% of residents see visitors as a vital part of the local economy

TAMPA (October 22) | Nine out of 10 Hillsborough County residents say that tourism has a positive impact on the local economy and community, according to a recently completed survey by Tallahassee-based research firm Downs & St. Germain.

Nearly the same number – 86 percent – said they support efforts to increase the number of visitors to Hillsborough County through tourism marketing.

The e-mail survey asked residents about their perceptions of tourism and its effect on different aspects of the community, including the arts, small businesses, and restaurants. In each of those situations, more than two-thirds of residents responding saw tourism providing crucial support by creating more activities and more dining options.

More than half of the people responding to the survey credited tourism with leading to high-quality experiences for locals in terms of “good,” “very good,” or “excellent” restaurants, entertainment and cultural experiences. Nine out of 10 people gave local restaurants high marks. Nearly that many rated entertainment the same. Eight of 10 people rated Tampa Bay’s cultural offerings high marks.

“These results are very encouraging because they show that Hillsborough County residents understand the vital role tourism plays in the daily economic life of the county and the region,” said Santiago C. Corrada, President and CEO of Visit Tampa Bay. “From international families on vacation to association members attending conventions, each visitor creates an economic impact that ripples out to every corner of the community.”

According to industry analyst Tourism Economics, 53,000 people in Hillsborough County support their families through tourism, which adds $6.6 billion to the county’s bottom line each year. Tourism ranks as the second fastest-growing job category in the county, close behind professional services.

“Tourism provides thousands of local families with stable, long-term employment at a time when other job sectors are experiencing significant disruptions,” Corrada said. “I’m proud to see my neighbors in the Tampa Bay region appreciate the power tourism has to improve lives across the community.”



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