Daily Mirror: Coaster Coast

March 17, 2016

Daily Mirror: Coaster Coast

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I'm perched 335ft up a tower in Florida and trembling. "Why are we doing this?!" I shout to my partner Chris. The view is amazing, but then the seat turns 90 degrees so we're face-down. A piston hisses loudly and suddenly we're plunging (and I'm screeching). 

Falcon's Fury at Busch Gardens, Tampa, is the tallest freestanding drop-ride in the USA and we're told it mimics how the birds catch their prey. It's such an adrenaline rush, within minutes we were back on it again. 

Busch Gardens, 90 minutes away on the west coast in Tampa, has some of the best rides in Florida: the 60mph Cheetah Hun and 70mph SheiKra, which looked the most terrifying but was the most fun. We also did the Serengeti Safari - a tour of the park's animals.