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    With over 50 years of combined hospitality experience, we embarked on a dream. That dream was to bring a little whimsy back into your local cafe and bar. We wanted to create a place where people of all ages could come and have a truly unique experience. Bringing everyone's favorite childhood memories to life; Saturday morning cartoons, late-night gaming sessions, eating cereal with your mom’s big wooden spoon, BBQ in the backyard, and so much more, and not to mention some good food too. You can say our small little piece of the world is made up nostalgia, family, and a dash of whimsy dusted with cereal. Enjoy our one-of-a-kind, all cereal-infused menu, milkshakes, and drinks, and alcohol. Over 30 cereals are available for your enjoyment. Not into cereal? Don't worry, we still have something for you. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After 10pm we turn up the night, with over 21 full bar and live throwback music, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
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