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    The Dinner Detective is a nationwide theatrical production company specializing in interactive True Crime dinner theater entertainment, founded in 2004. Our experience involves original scripts, heavy audience interaction, and a multi-course dinner, creating a unique and engaging evening for guests.  Our interactive murder mystery comedy dinner show is America's largest of its kind, offering a modern twist on traditional murder mystery shows with real-time, present-day settings where costumed Detectives guide the audience in solving the mystery while enjoying a delicious meal. Immerse yourself in a captivating True Crime Mystery Dinner Theatre - a national sensation since our Los Angeles opening in 2004! Surrender to an evening brimming with suspense, laughter, and spontaneous moments that are genuinely one-of-a-kind. Say goodbye to predictable, scripted performances and hello to a dynamic, interactive experience that shatters the traditional mold of Mystery Dinner Theatre. Our stage is not confined to a platform in front of the room - it's the entire space, and you're not just a spectator - you're a potential part of the show! As the night unfurls, you'll question the line between reality and performance. Is it scripted, or is it real? Only one way to find out. Step into the unpredictable world of our True Crime Mystery Dinner Theatre with The Dinner Detective and become a part of the story that's still being written. WILL YOU be the one to solve the mystery?

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    Dining / Nightlife
    • Accept Reservations
    • Average Price of Entree: 65.99
    • Cuisine: American
    • Dining Reservations: Reservations are required
    • Dinner
    • Full Facility Rental Available
    • Live Entertainment/Dancing
    • Major Credit Cards Accepted
    • Private/Group Room
    • Style: Dinner Theatre
    • Total Restaurant Capacity: 100
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    • Business Center
    • Free Internet Access in Room
    • Free Wireless Internet Access in Room
    • Internet Access in Meeting Rooms
    • Wireless Access in Meeting Rooms
    Dining & Entertainment
    • Live Entertainment
    • Cancellation Policy: Please see ticketing website for details: https://www.thedinnerdetective.com/TAMPA/murder-mystery-tickets-showtimes/
    • Hotel Type: Full Service
    • Contact Name: Whitney Axley-Andrews
    • Description of Event: Immerse yourself in a captivating True Crime Mystery Dinner Theatre.
    • Event Name: Dinner Detective Interactive True Crime Dinner Show!
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