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    Experience the revolutionary dining and drinking solution brought to you by Pairingware. Our U.S. Utility Patent Pending Interlocking Cup & Plate is set to redefine the way you enjoy food and beverages. Perfect for food & beverage festivals, special events, wedding receptions, conferences, VIP gatherings, or poolside lounging. With a simple twist, our innovative design allows you to effortlessly hold your drink while indulging in delicious bites from your plate. The Classic Cup & Round Plate, made from durable PS6 material, adds an elegant touch to your food pairings while promoting sustainability. Customize with your event or company branding and leave a lasting impression. Exciting additions include a flashing LED plate coaster for added flair. Stay tuned as we introduce various cup shapes for champagne, margarita, martini, gimlet, and even coffee. Join us on this exciting culinary journey, crafted by the talented minds of Tampa residents.
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