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    Bay Coffee & Tea Company, founded by Herbert and Carole Colvin has positioned itself to become a leading and internationally known sustainable and environmentally centered organic, fair-trade coffee roaster, wholesaler, and retailer. Founded in 2004, Herb, Carole, and the Bay Coffee Team are passionate about inclusive consideration of all persons involved in coffee production. Bay’s farm partners produce the highest quality sustainably sourced, organic, fair trade coffees and teas, grown and harvested by independent farmers and farm cooperatives around the globe, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, and Vietnam.

    From points of origin farming families to those who enjoy each cup presented in coffee shops, university dining halls, medical facilities, and the endless venues where over two billion cups of coffee are consumed each day somewhere in the world, the message is sustainability and humanity. Our unique coffees are grown with attention paid to how the soils are cultivated, how the plants are placed and harvested, and how these processes impact the environment, the farmer, and the consumer. These integrative processes help Bay Coffee identify the work we can support to move coffee farmers along their journey to sustainability.

    With notations like Fair Trade, Smithsonian Bird-Friendly, Shade Grown, USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and artisan roasted, our coffees represent the best work in producing eco-friendly coffees. Partnering with and caring about all persons involved in the coffee supply chain and sharing the same values regarding sustainability and humanity supports a better quality of life for farmers and an excellent cup of coffee for you. Bay Coffee is proud to do its part.
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