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Welcome to Tampa Bay!

Every day, a new visitor discovers Tampa Bay’s varied and vibrant local food scene. Over the last decade, our chefs and restaurant owners have created a dining environment that has helped make Tampa Bay the hip, urban heart of Florida's Gulf Coast.

Tampa Bay is home to James Beard-nominated chefs such as Greg Baker, whose restaurant, The Refinery, showcases local farms as much as their owner's culinary insights. Ulele taps Florida's deep history to create a food palette drawn from the region’s Native American and early Spanish explorers. At the other end of the food spectrum, Edison Food + Drink Lab lets diners taste the future, crafting palate-pleasing creations using hard science and molecular gastronomy.

Yet, even as Tampa Bay pushes the boundaries of food culture, we remain true to our own history. We are home to the 110-year-old Columbia, Florida's oldest restaurant, and to the legendary Bern's Steak House, the 2015 James Beard Best Florida Restaurant.

Whether diners want a classic steak dinner, an authentic Spanish paella, a meal inspired by a Tocobaga Indian princess, or a sampling of Florida's farm-to-table movement, they will find it all here in Tampa Bay -- the thriving food capital of Florida's Gulf Coast.