Tampa Bay & Company Visitor MapsI promise you I won't start off with a map joke this time as long as you admit that the previous ones were hilarious!  Okay you win, maybe they were a bit corny, but its the spirit that counts right!  Speaking of maps, we got a very special delivery yesterday in the form of our new Tampa Bay & Company Visitor maps in English and Espanol!

These vibrant and colorful, yet easily navigable maps can be accessed by visiting our website and simply ordering one for the bargain price of... yes you guessed it...FREE!!!  I would suggest requesting your maps right around the time you start to plan for that Tampa Bay vacation I know you can't seem to get off of your mind. 

If you beat me to the punch and already find yourself on a tour of our first class destination, then feel free to stop by our Visitor Information Center and pick one up. Say hi to Lynn for me while your in there and be sure to pick up a few souvenirs!    Tampa Bay & Company Visitor Map (En Espanol)

Q. Why was the map gesturing wildly?
A.  It was an animated map.

Yeah...Yeah...Yeah... I know what your thinking, but I only promised to not start off this message with a map joke!  No one said anything about ending it with one.

Got questions about finding awesome things to do in Tampa Bay,  our great hotels, or family fun filled Florida attractions? Maybe you have questions about ordering your maps or want to suggest another map joke?  Whatever your questions or comments, just let me know!