Hey gang!  We’re back with more great updates and news about the Tampa Bay area!  If you are anything like me, then you do a lot of flying - as much for pleasure as for business.  As everyone can attest to these days, it’s getting more and more expensive to take these trips!  Well, Tampa Bay & Company has teamed up with Southwest Airlines to make it even easier to get to Tampa Bay and experience this great destination.

Tampa Bay will be a “Featured Destination” on Southwest.com from August 19-25!  I know what you are saying – the Tampa Bay area is always a featured destination…well, now we get to prove it!  If you log on to www.Southwest.com you will find great rates to fly to Tampa, but that’s just the beginning!  You will also find amazing deals on hotels in the area, not to mention an outline of attractions, events, sports activities, dining options, and other “only-in Tampa” things to do, see and experience during your tour of Tampa Bay. 
So, starting August 19, log on and plan you trip to Tampa.  Don’t forget to check back and let us know how your trip was.  Or, if you have already explored Tampa Bay, let us know what you thought, and what your favorite parts were! 

Until next time, keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars!  (Sorry, I had to put the Casey Kasem for all those 80’s fans out there!).