Q. What is smarter, longitude or latitude?
A. Longitude, because it has 360 degrees

Q. What do John Wayne and a map key have in common?
A. Both are legends.

Q. What kind of maps do spiders make?
A. Web-based maps.

Okay enough with the cheesy map humor, but I couldn't help myself!  This latest interactive update is all about maps. 
Tampa Bay Maps
So you are in the final stages of planning that Tampa getaway and you think to yourself... how will I get around town?  Well once again, Jerm has you covered like a cheap throw blanket!  Log onto www.VisitTampaBay.com/Map and create your own custom map of Tampa Bay. 

Make the most of your trip by using this interactive mapping feature to plan the best route from your hotel to area attractions, restaurants, the beaches, and any place else you can think of.  Once you’ve plotted all your stops, simply print out the map, take it with you for reference, and let your Tampa Bay tours begin! 

Keep updated with the interactive maps as we are looking to add Google driving directions functionality to make it that much more convenient to find your way around Tampa Bay!

As always feel free to respond to my post with questions or comments about creating a custom map, or if you know any good map jokes send those along too!