Have you ever wanted to know more about the Visitor Industry in Tampa Bay – things to do, Tampa Bay area events, Tampa Bay Meetings, the latest Tampa Bay tours, updates on Tampa Bay film and sports, the latest and greatest on Tampa Bay hotels, and what’s happening with local attractions?  Or, have you ever just wanted to know exactly how all of those conventions and meetings finally get to Tampa Bay?

Well, here’s your chance.  The Tampa Bay & Company Speaker’s Bureau is a way for you to hear from the experts in the Visitor Industry.  You can actually have an industry expert come speak to your group about what Tampa Bay & Company does, as well as what the visitor industry is all about.  Now, you are probably thinking, these guys must cost a fortune to book for an event (well, even if you aren’t thinking that, I’ll fill you in)…It’s all free!!!!!

I won’t bore you with a bunch of details, but you can simply log on to the VisitTampaBay website (www.VisitTampaBay.com) to get more information.  Or, just click here - www.VisitTampaBay.com/Speaker

For those of you who’ve heard our speaker’s before, feel free to chime in and let everyone know what they are missing!!!  If you haven’t and have more questions, let ‘em rip!!!