Hello all, Bandwagon Jerm here with a social networking update! Of course I have my own facebook, myspace, and linkedin pages, but I keep hearing the buzz out there about this Twitter thing from the great "Paul Brand," whom I refer to as the "Yoda" of social networking... Big Ups to Jersey! Anyway, before I get off subject, back to Twitter!

Tampa Bay&Company is a Twitterer Now!!!I setup a Twitter page for us so that in addition to this blog you can follow what is goin on around here down to the minute in many cases.  For those of you not familiar with Twitter, I suggest you hop on there and check it out as its such a simple yet engaging concept. Seeing as how we got all these cool events in town, World Series, Howl-O-Scream, and the others that will be here ina  few months, I figured now is a good time to hop on and tweet like ther's no tomorrow.  So if you are at work reading this like I am, or if you are at home relaxing, check us out at www.Twitter.com/VisitTampaBay and follow us. 

Whats next in the social networking pipeline you ask???!!! Facebook and Flickr of course, but I will post another blog once I got those up and running.  In the meantime Tweet your hearts out! Oh wait, I almost forgot about our Technorati site also, so if your on there look us up!