If you haven't been to the Tampa Bay&Company website lately, first of all let me say that you should go there now before I get angry!  Just kidding of course, but for those of you who have been there lately then you should notice that Tampa Bay & Company has recently begun servicing ads on our website.

From my point of view I would like to let out a big Wahooooooooooo, as this has been a long process of research and back-end development on the part of us and our two technology partners Adify and Simpleview Inc.

Sample ad size on Tampa Bay & Company WebsiteSo how does it work you ask?  Well let me tell you! Participating partners’ rotating banner advertisements will enable visitors browsing the Tampa Bay & Company website to see their ads on various pages, allowing those visitors to learn more about partner business. 

Additionally, through the ad, those website visitors can potentially visit the partner’s website, providing additional exposure and increased customers. 

With these ads you can expect to see special deals and rates from Tampa Bay & Company Partners, as well as national brands, and local calendar of events items.

Well gang its time for me to check out for the evening as I am currently babysitting Lindsey's two kittens sophie and Chloe and they seem to craving attention once again so i am going to find a tennis ball or something to throw around! in the meantime check out the ads and if your an industry partner reading this then contact Bob Atkins at our office to aquire about advertising opportunities.