Hey everyone!  Travis here...not with some Tampa tourism updates.  And not with some cool things to do in Tampa Bay.  but with something everybody in Tampa ends up experiencing.  That's right, road work in downtown Tampa! 

good news...it seems to be on schedule.  Bad news, it's still around.  But all in all, it's for the betterment of the area, and it's a good thing.  So, here's your update. 

This is the Tampa UCAP Downtown Water Pipeline Replacement Project update for the week of October 26th.  The Downtown project continues on schedule.

Construction activity will continue on Florida Avenue.  This includes jack & bore activity (a type of tunneling technology) at Twiggs St. and pipeline installation in the two westerly lanes of Florida Avenue from Jackson Street to Kennedy Boulevard. 

Survey work and utility location will begin on Nebraska Avenue between Channelside Drive and Brorein Street.

Starting October 26th, the north parking lane and north travel lane on Madison St., from Morgan Street west to Franklin Street will be temporarily reopened.  These same lanes will be closed again to complete the tunneling activity at the intersection of Florida Avenue and Madison Street in early November. 

Road closures and detours October 26-November 1, 2009
Florida Avenue:  The two lanes on the west side of Florida Avenue, starting at Whiting Street north to Twiggs Street, will be closed from Oct. 5 through Nov. 27, 2009.
Twiggs Street:  The northernmost travel lanes, turn lanes and parking lanes on Twiggs Street from Morgan Street to Franklin Street will be closed beginning October 26th.  There will be one lane open for east bound traffic only.

Motorists traveling west will be detoured north on Morgan Street to Polk Street. The work is expected to be completed by the end of November.  There will be no street parking available in this area.
Jackson Street: The northern most travel lane and parking lane on Jackson Street from Franklin Street to Florida Avenue will be closed from October 26 through November  6th. 

Motorists should expect a new traffic pattern during the lane closure.  There will be no street parking available on north side of Jackson Street between Franklin Street and Florida Avenue.
Nebraska Avenue:  The northbound eastern travel lane from Channelside Drive to Brorein Street is scheduled to be closed from October 26th to November 30th. 

There will be one lane open for north bound traffic only on the west side of the street. Motorists traveling south will be detoured on Brorein Street.  There will be no street parking available in this area. 

And there's your update...but keep checking back, because as we get this info, we'll share it with all of you. 

And as always, we'll continue posting awesome Tampa Bay area events and other cool Tampa Bay entertainment.