Hi All!  Travis back with more great Tampa Tourism Trivia for you!  Yesterday was all about Travel, and how visitors got to Tampa!  Well, we made it easy on you by asking which was the most popular way to travel to Tampa...by auto or by air? 

And as always, to make it interesting, the winner got two tickets to Tampa's The Florida Aquarium! 

Well, if you were paying attention, then you know that the most popular way to travel to Tampa was by auto. That's right...more and more visitors are traveling by ground these days.  So, that leads us in to today's Tampa Tourism Trivia question.  That's right...we are staying on how people travel. 

Now that you know what the most popular mode of travel is, can you tell me the percentage of visitors that travel by air, vs. the percentage that travel by auto? 

Here's a hint...it's all on our website, but you have to find it! 

Don't forget that two tickets to The Florida Aquarium are still on the line, so get researching!  We'll see you back in just a little bit to reveal the answer. 

And don't forget that you can't win unless you are following us on Twitter (www.VisitTampaBay.com/Twitter).  You have to post the correct answer on there first to get the prize. 

See you soon...