Okay, so by now all of you may have heard about Google and other seach engines partnering with or making the attmept to index real time search, from the web as it happens. This means pulling in up to the minute news and updates from with Tweets, with news articles, with blogs and so on! Excitign right!

Yes I know I am a dork, but still think this is pretty cool and serves the purpose of getting you the information you want quick fast and in a hurry!

I just happened to actually see it today for the first time, but its really cool how the search results are setup.

Check my screenshot to the left here for a preview, or just test it out for yourself with a keyword combination of your choice.

I like the way its setup as a scrolling feed
so you can see the different relevant feeds. Just my personal opinion i think we are seeign soem very futuristic stuff here in that this is just the begginning of the real time web.

So whenever you want to search for items like "things to do in Tampa Bay" or Tampa Florida news, and you see our info there! Now that would be cool!