Hey everyone.  Travis back with some interesting Tampa Bay sports news, and a request for help.  Each year, SportsTravel presents awards for the World's best sporting events, and they are all based on votes...which is where you come in!  We need everyone to vote for the sporting event Tampa Bay hosted - the 2009 NCAA Women's Volleyball Tournament. 

Voting is now open for the 2010 SportsTravel Awards, so you can head there now!  It takes less than two minutes to cast your vote for Tampa Bay to have one of the world's best sporting events.
You just have to go to www.SportsTravelMagazine.com and click on the "SportsTravel Awards" button. Voting is open now through September 13, 2010.

That's all it takes, so help out Tampa Bay and cast your vote today! 

And as always, keep checking back here for more great things to do in Tampa Bay and other Tampa Bay area events.