Hey everyone! Obviously the Super Bowl receives a ton of media attention, right?! Well, Super Bowl XVIII in Tampa Bay has set a record! More than 4,500 credentialed media personnel will arrive in Tampa throughout the week to cover the most highly anticipated sporting event of the year! This will mark the second largest media attendance for any Super Bowl in NFL history. Additionally, this year's Super Bowl and the Tampa Bay area have attracted more than 630 media outlets from 28 countries, both Super Bowl records!

I had a chance to stop by the media center this afternoon. It was so neat! As I walked through "Radio Row," I saw some pretty important interviews going on and some pretty important people. But, it's only Monday! As the week continues, it's going to get more crowded and Tampa is going to be receiving recognition all around the world!

Hosting a Super Bowl brings a lot of fun and excitement to a destination. Tampa is thrilled to be hosting the 43rd Super Bowl and is ready to welcome 4,500 members of the media, and many fans and visitors from all across the globe! All ears and eyes are upon us here in Tampa Bay! What an exciting time!

Happy Super Bowl week everyone!