Tampa Bay Dining: Champps Americana
Okay so don't let the title throw you off, as I don't want to make light of the current economic situation, but just felt the need to make an observation.

I went out to dinner last night over at International Plaza, over by the famed Westshore District, which is always a great place to grab some grub. As I was making my way over to Champps Restaurant & Bar , i passed by a few of the restaurants like, Blue Martini, Cheescake Factory, Capitol Grill, The Earl of Sandwich, etc and noticed one thing... they were all packed!!!

I was walking shoulder to shoulder along the walkway trying to make it to Champps, and upon my arrival there guess what???... it was packed also! So as I hear all of the gloom and doom associated with the economic climate, its really hard to see it, or at least it was last night as the Tampa Bay entertainment scene was in full force. As I walked out of Champps after dinner, I stopped into the Blue Martini and guess what....it was packed! Starting to notice the theme here? 

Now, as far as the dining experience over at Champs I must say it was a good meal. I had the BBQ Chicken sandwich and my girl Stephanie had the Sicilian Parmesan Crusted Chicken. My meal was so good and filling, Steph damn near had to roll me out of the place in a wheel barrow! Her sandwich looked tasty as well and like a good girl, she made a happy face on her plate as her meal was equally as tasty I am sure.

Before we ordered our entrees, we were tossing around the idea of having dessert, but by the end of the night, there just wasn't any room, so that at least gives us a reason to make it back there at some point. All in all it was a good night, from the great meal, to the drinks and music afterwards. 

So if its within your means in this rough economy, be sure to get out and enjoy this Tampa Bay nightlife experience we have going on, as there are plenty of places to go and have a great time.

If you are looking for somewhere to wind down tonight after work, be sure to check out the happy hour at AJA Channelside as that is where jerm and his crew will be chillin tonight after the Mississippi State game!