Well, we're here to tell you.  Hey gang!  We are back with updates about what's happening in the development world of the City of Tampa.  City of Tampa TV just came out with the latest edition of "First Look At Tampa's Redevelopment," and it's on the Web for everyone to see! 

CTTV First LookThis latest edition highlights some of Downtown Tampa's most recent growth, along with plans fo rthe Tampa Heights Riverfront area. 

So, instead of me trying to tell you all about it...log on and take a look.  It's a 20-minute video, but if you're interested in what's going on around downtown Tampa, you'll want to watch.

Click Here to take a look...

And, if you aren't interested in what's happening in downtown Tampa, then log back on later as we'll keep bringing you the best Tampa Bay area events, along with other things to do in Tampa Bay. 

Plus, stay tuned as we get ready to bring you the best of the Tampa Bay nightlife, including where to eat, where to stay and what to do.