So last week when I did my post on our new Tampa Bay&Company online store, I think I thanked everyone but one very important person. I know the title may be a little confusing, but I needed a catchy title and that seemed to fit for Robert!

2008 Robert La Follette. All Rights ReservedRobert La Follete is one of the Tampa Bay area's premier freelance photography and graphic designers and works with Tampa Bay&Company on numerous projects. In fact, a good portion of the imagery you see on our website was probably done by Robert. When it came time to start putting product images together for the online store, we couldn't have thought of a better person to help us out, and the results (as you can see when you visit the store) speak for themselves!

Robert has had his other works featured in publications like Shutterbug Magazine, Informant Guest, and Creation Magazine, just to name a few and has also won numerous awards for his work. He even has a book based off of the beautiful imagery of the Tampa bay area for sale at retail book outlets like Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon. Robert will even be doing some work for the Super Bowl here in February so he is without question in demand, and rightfully so. 

If you want to see more of his work, check out the website I mentioned above, or simply visit Thanks again Robert for all of your help!