WestShore PlazaThe ringing of cash registers, the smell of mannequin-donned clothes, with hanging price tags just waiting to be ripped off and worn for the very first time. It’s addictive and this addict is hooked! Hooked to the lights, the sounds, the smell of never before worn clothing that is sitting on the rack like a puppy dog just begging for you to take it home. And what is this place I speak of? This Mecca of all things materialistic? It’s a little place I like to call the mall.

And there’s only one mall in Tampa I love to go when I’m in the mood to shop(which is every minute I’m awake); that mall is WestShore Plaza. WestShore has all the qualities a great mall should have: not too large, nice but not over the top extravagant, and it has all the best stores conveniently located by each other so you don’t have to sprint from one side of the mall to the other in search of the perfect ensemble. 

Just the other day I was at WestShore (surprise, surprise) and got some real gems from White House Black Market, Bebe and Saks.  The quintessential Starbucks stop wasn’t enough to keep me going after a long day of shopping so I grabbed a bite to eat at Evos in the food court and continued on to Old Navy and BCBGMAXAZRIA. I was about to head home when the girls called and wanted to do dinner and drinks (surprise, surprise).  So we met up at P.F. Changs and enjoyed a light dinner and heavy drinks before heading out on the town. 

That’s what I love about WestShore. You could spend an entire day there and not be bored with it. With major restaurants like Maggianos Little Italy, The Palm, P.F. Changs and Mitchells Fish Market you can end a great day of shopping here or make it there perfect start to a night out. Add to that, a movie theater and almost 100 different stores to choose from and its no wonder WestShore Plaza is a favorite amongst Tampa natives and tourists alike.

Whether it’s shopping, eating or relaxing, going to WestShore Plaza is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do in Tampa Bay. Now you know why I love shopping and more importantly, why I love doing it at WestShore. 

So, now tell me oh faithful shop-a-holics, why and where do love to shop the most?  I look forward to your comments!