Are you a fan of "twenty ten" or do you prefer "two thousand ten"? According to the National Association of Good Grammar (can you believe there is such a thing?) "twenty ten" is the accurate pronunciation but I say to heck with it, do what makes you happy in 2010, however you choose to say it.

Now let's get on with it, what's new in the Tampa Bay film community...

The National Film Challenge is an exhilarating, worldwide filmmaking competition from the creators of the 48 Hour Film Project. It goes like this - participating teams have just one weekend to write, shoot and edit a short film or video. Just like in the 48HFP, particpants receive a character, prop, line of dialogue, and a genre. Sounds tough, right? Well, I'm thrilled to announce that two Tampa Bay area teams have made it to the Top 16!  The local entries are “The Case,” produced by Jeff Zampino and “The More Perfect Yellow” produced by Kerri Bermudez of Movie Groovy. Voting ends on January 9th so they need your support to help them squash the competition. Click here and register at the top right (name, e...-mail etc.). You’ll get an e-mail. Click on the link. Start voting. The winning films will screen at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. In addition there are cash prizes for the winning films!

Interested in learning to make films or learning to act for the screen? The Sunscreen Film Festival has two classes coming up that can help you do just that. "Acting for the Screen" and "Film School for Movie Makers" start this month. Learn more online by clicking here.

And finally dont forget to show up this weekend to participate in a corporate video shoot for 180 communications and Tampa Digital Studios.  They are looking for volunteer extras for a video shoot happening this weekend, January 8-10th. There are several opportunities to participate. Click here for more details.

More to come on Tampa Bay's film community. In the meantime, stay warm!