Hey everyone!  Travis back with your weekly fishing report from Stewart Ames with Gon Fishing Charters.  Here's what he has to say:

"Our long awaited whitebait has now arrived and can be caught consistently on most mornings.  During the early spring, big trout go crazy at the first sight of this bait and will show a distinct preference for this over their wintertime favorite 'select' shrimp. 

Interestingly, local redfish have  been a little slower to convert...still eagerly eating larger shrimp.  With a little coaxing however, redfish can be motivated to start eating these small baitfish.  Scoop up a couple of net fulls of frisky baits and scatter them across the area where you believe redfish to be roaming. 

Look for swirls or boils indicating that they have started to feed.  Whether you see this activity or not, take a whitebait, clip its tail off, and put it on a hook with a small split shot. 

Toss it into the midst of the area you just chummed and wait.  Any redfish who has stepped up to the buffet table will eventually come across you offering and gobble it up...and the fight will be on."

And there you go...advice from the fishing expert.  If you want more info or updates, just head over to his website - www.Tampa-Fishing-Charter.com

and keep checking back here for more updates, along with great things to do in Tampa Bay, and other Tampa Bay area events and Tampa Bay entertainment options.