Hey everyone...Travis back with your weekly fishing report from Cpt. Stewart Ames.  From what he says, the trout are going crazy, so spring may in fact be here!  Here's what he says:

This last week, the big seatrout bite went crazy, with limits of fish being caught on almost every trip.  Shrimp under a bobber is still the technique of choice but once these fish start biting, they can be caught on jigs, plugs and pinfish as well.  Moving water is the key to getting these fish to eat so watch your tides. 

You may be fishing in an area and catching absolutely nothing...but once the tide starts to move, the fish go off and eat everything in sight for an hour and a half.  Just as quickly, this bite will subside. 

This action should continue for the next 30 to 45 days.  With water temperatures starting to stabilize near sixty degrees, the redfish seem to be coming out of their February "funk" as well. 

More fish are being seen and they are starting to eat better as well.  With day time temps holding in the mid to high sixties, coupled with good tides this coming week, fishing action should be strong.

And there you have it...advice and knowledge from a fishing expert.  So, go have some fun on the water.  If you want more info about fishing, or info about a charter, just visit his website at www.tampa-fishing-charter.com

we'll see you back here for more updates, including things to do in Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay area events.