I just happened to be getting ready for a meeting the other day concerning our social media efforts, and happened to notice that we made a bit of an odd milestone the other day!.

I took a look at our number of Facebook Fans and we are at 400! Then I also took a look at our Twitter following and we were at 400 as well! Now I know what you are thinking...400 is not really allot of people in the grand scheme of things, and to a certain degree you may be correct.

Keep in mind that we have only been doing both since November, and also that we have seen those numbers increase exponentially here in the past few months, so there future is bright for the Tampa Bay & Company social media landscape.

If you are not already folliwing  us then I would suggest that you get started as we are starting to do more promotions related trivia contests, which could mean big prizes from our great Tampa Florida attractions partners for you and your friends!

Stay tuned as in the coming weeks I will be talking more about this as we approach the summer and tons of great Tampa Bay area events!