I was amazed to learn today that there is actually a contest for the nation's best public restroom.  Really?  Is this serious?  Yes, it is and TWO of the top ten locations are Tampa Bay & Company partners...NOVA 535 and the Tampa Theatre.   I have only been in the restrooms at NOVA 535 and they are very, very nice.  There are 10 individual bathroom stalls at NOVA 535 and they are all decorated beautifully.  NOVA 535 is a great event venue, but is also a bar.  The bathrooms are large enough to fit 10 people inside so if a bunch of girls are going to the bathroom together, they can all still fit in one of the bathrooms.  I haven't seen the Tampa Theatre's restrooms, but have seen the rest of the theathre.  If they are anything compared to the theatre, then they are amazing bathrooms. 

NOVA 535 and the Tampa Theatre are competing against Radio City Music Hall, the Drake Hotel in Chicago and the Venetian Resort's Zeffrino Risotrante in Vegas for this prestigious award. 

Please vote for our partners at www.bestrestroom.com through July 31st!